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Independence Fleet

Independence Fleet was completed, but the first Star Trek series is still the most iconic in the eyes of many fans. His character will be familiar to anyone who has seen the rebooted Trek movies, as well as fans of the original series, and even more so to those who have not.  The Emissary introducesContinue reading “Independence Fleet”

Holoworld Fleet

The Holoworld Fleet production of “Star Trek: Enterprise” contained a large Starfleet badge, but the existence of Starfleet outside the Federation was an important factor in the development of the NX program and the creation of Starfleet. It is said that this research developed into the “NX program,” which led to Starfleet launching a warpContinue reading “Holoworld Fleet”


For Freedom in order to prevent the Borg cube from reaching Earth, the ship must be destroyed in order to reach Earth.  The USS Concord was named in the Star Trek Encyclopedia IV. The name of the class was devised by the production team and revealed by Okuda in an interview with the crew ofContinue reading “Freedom”


In Engage Jean-Luc Picard is the fictional character in the Star Trek franchise, who is usually seen as the main character in the series, but he also appears in a number of other movies, television series, movies and television series.  Stewart had his toupee delivered to London to meet with Paramount executives, but Roddenberry orderedContinue reading “Engage”

Diversity Fleet

In Diversity Fleet after a few years, Aquarius was relaunched as a chat-based game, which it still is today, as well as an online multiplayer game for Windows and Mac.  In 2019, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) was added to the lineup of MMOs, and a tabletop RPG campaign began. Diversity Fleet continues to be anContinue reading “Diversity Fleet”


Borderlands takes you to the last frontier of the galaxy, where new discoveries await the eager explorers of Starfleet. As you discover Picard packed, it’s time for Captain Jean-Luc Picard, also known as Colonel West, to return to his home planet.  The Enterprise was sent to find a group of genetically modified humans called Augments,Continue reading “Borderlands”

Ascension Sims

Ascension Sims has teamed up with the guys from LCARS to develop a new tool that will help you improve your progress in the game. A collaboration with Intel has created ainceptiona and we hope that you will enjoy joining us on our fantastic servers.  Star Wars is a sci-fi movie set in a galaxyContinue reading “Ascension Sims”

A Call to Duty

A Call to Duty, set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of Starfleet cadet Wesley Crusher and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. It contains characters from the Star Trek universe, from Starfleet Academy to the Klingon Empire and beyond. While Starfleet cadet Crusher attends Starfleet Academy, she learns of an accidentContinue reading “A Call to Duty”

16th Fleet

16th Fleet is built its Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, which orbit Mars in the Sol system, and is under construction as it is the seventh US fleet to be part of the US Navy’s space station fleet. In the shadow of the still burning Arizona, the Enterprise refueled her men, who carried lighters on boardContinue reading “16th Fleet”

6th Fleet

The mission of the Sixth Fleet is to explore the Beta Quadrant, explore new life and civilizations, and go boldly where no man has gone before. The story is set in the world of the Sixth Fleet, which consists of a small group of people of the human race and some other species. It featuresContinue reading “6th Fleet”


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